Abby has now been playing the violin for a year.  We think she has made some tremendous progress and has caught up to the girls in her group and is keeping up with them. 

For the spring recital, the girls each played a solo piece from their Suzuki repertoire and they played two fiddle pieces as a group.  (All the girls are starting to learn to read music, but so far, most of the music is learned by ear.  It was so cool watching them learn fiddle tunes, which sound so different from the classical tunes they're used to!  All of them love fiddling and are eager to practice these pieces!)

Attending their private and group lessons every week, I have watched all of these girls work so hard.  Each of us parents have watched our kids make forward progress and take steps backwards.  We've watched their frustrations mount and we've watched them conquer pieces with stubborn determination.

As recital time neared, they had only two rehearsals with the pianist who will accompany them on their solos.

Abby practiced well, but with all the "fine tuning" leading up to the recital, she started getting really nervous and upset about messing up in front of an audience.  She started to make more and more mistakes and it brought on a lot of frustration.

However, my little girl overcame her self-doubt and fears. She mustered up focus, courage, and maturity and played her solo as best as she has ever played it!

We are all so very proud of her!  She has come a long way from her first solo recital last spring.

Shruti and Abby got to hand out the recital programs. I think this little task helped calm the nerves.
A serious look of concentration as she rocked her solo piece.
Abby's group playing Cripple Creek.
Abby's group playing Old Joe Clark.
All the kids who performed tonight.  The littlest one who performed was only 4 years old and she did a tremendous job!

This is Abby's solo piece: Minuet No. 1 by J.S. Bach from Suzuki Book 1.

The video below is of Abby's group playing the fiddle piece, Cripple Creek.

The video below is of Abby's group playing the fiddle piece, Old Joe Clark.

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